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VAZÏR is Knowledge

VAZÏR is an academic organisation which establish academic events and workshops with the purpose of educating society and strengthening the Danish educational system.


VAZÏR Academic Events

VAZÏR wants to be the leading enterprise in specializing and developing academic events and workshops with high prestigious scholars, professionals, and experts. Our vision is to change the views and minds of decision-makers, intellectuals, professionals, experts and autodidacts through academia.


Philosophy of VAZÏR

The word vazïr origins semantically in the Arabic and Persian language which means secretaryminister, and the Queen in the game of chess. The vazïr is the most powerful player in one of the oldest and most sophisticated games such as chess and politics. Chess has been used as an analogy to describe the structure and power dynamics in political theory and international relations theory. The game mirrors an analytical and strategic mindset which reflects VAZÏR’s approach to analyzing power. VAZÏR believes in simplicity and innovation, and that knowledge needs to be balanced between the concept of user-friendliness and academia. Our philosophy is based on the notion that knowledge is power and therefore want to supply it to everyone.